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Take Action @change: Stop Shell Oil's Offshore Drilling Plans In The Arctic Cthulhu is very displeased that he is only the 490th most awesomest thing. You are all in deep doo doo!

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Dumb as a Blog: Ink Idiocy on

Frustration with Obama's Non-leadership on Gulf Spill Grows

tempestletrope "They know truth, Rhianon. I told them. There's no need to pretend any longer," said Kaylynn. Rhianon sighed, eyes moist.

tempestletrope "But why do all of you gaze at me so strangely?" the sorceress asked. "T'is but thy old friend Rhianon. Art thou enchanted?"

tempestletrope "I slept as if dead and as I slept I dreamed the most frightful things. I sensed that you were in danger but couldn't wake."

tempestletrope The sorceress carried a staff topped with a glistening sphere of pink stone. "Princess Isabella, I am glad you are well."

tempestletrope The sorceress had eyes of lavender, a cream-colored complexion, and long ivory locks. She wore a bright pink gown.

tempestletrope A shadow crossed the doorway of Isabella's room. There stood Rhianon, who, in spite of her age, still appeared young.

tempestletrope Let us continue with A Princess of Xiumiqa.

Eventful day. Started clearing back room. Washing machine died. Son came down with bad cold. Went grocery shopping. Must work tonight. Yow! #3 of 32!

Netherworld Civic Organizations: The Douchebag Club

Tempest vs. the Velociraptor

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?
Created by Oatmeal

I do better against zombies.

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Is Tempest Too Tasty To Resist? - Vox

How Long Till Tempest Turns To A Zombie Once Bitten? - Vox

How Long Till Tempest Would Become a Zombie?

The Zombie Bite Calculator
Created by Oatmeal

10 Creepiest Sex Scenes in Superhero Movies Blooming Psycho's Helium Profile

Big & Scary Dumb Video Roundup on

My cats are cute but quite worthless as minions. They never obey when I tell them to fetch me food and drink.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 More info on low-grade follicular lymphoma (One of my co-workers has this)

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tempestletrope The mystic shields created by Rou deflected a barrage of arrows from striking himself and Gudd. Gudd was clearly tiring.

tempestletrope Only seven of the original dozen attackers remained. Rad's attack destroyed a carmine-colored beast armed with a javelin.

tempestletrope With that the demon king disappeared in a puff of foul gray-green smoke. Ullv whirled about to join his sons in battle.

tempestletrope "Go then, help your worthless sons destroy these least of my minions. We'll meet again tomorrow and I shall be the victor."

tempestletrope "Bah, I've no time for this," the demon king spat. "You may have won this battle, Ullv, but you'll yet lose the war."

tempestletrope The demon king was drawn towards the icterine ovoid, which mimicked whatever size he grew to. Ullv was not intimidated.

tempestletrope Oops--the last should have read "Ullv remained calm and the ovoid grew." Me so tired!

tempestletrope The demon king grew to a size as great as the trees. He laughed malevolently. But Oceanus remained calm, and the ovoid grew.

tempestletrope As his sons fought the hellspawn, Ullv was deep in concentration. An ovoid of icterine light began to appear before him.

tempestletrope The fragile-framed hellspawn gave a hideous shriek as its very cellular structure was torn asunder. It winked out of sight.

tempestletrope Meanwhile, the verdigris lightning threads from the hands of Gudd had wrapped about an ectomorphic purple-gray demon.

tempestletrope A drab brown ovoid of light suddenly appeared in front of Rad. The sticky gray blood bounced away. It burned a nearby tree.

tempestletrope A yellow demon with a warty face and a jerking stride exploded as the electric green lightning struck. Gray blood sprayed.

tempestletrope "Shield us, Rou, and we will attack them!" proclaimed Rad. Bolts of electric green-yellow light shot from his fingertips.

tempestletrope The portal began to collapse, its structure disrupted by the verdigris lightning. A dozen demons managed to come through.

tempestletrope The threads were as small lightnings branching from a beam of light that emanated from the hands of Gudd. They crackled.

tempestletrope Small and great demons there were in the portal of foul yellow light. But across the oval there formed threads of verdigris.

tempestletrope In the air before them, an arc of pale yellow light formed. It soon became an oval and within it demons became visible.

tempestletrope "Then begin thou the calling thereof. The portal is opening and Oceanus will make himself whole again. I must attack now."

tempestletrope "I will deal with Oceanus directly. You, I pray, remember how to call the Lightnings of Wzec?" "I do indeed, Father."

tempestletrope "Then begin creation thereof. It will make it harder for his minions to come into this world. Rad, we take the offensive."

tempestletrope "Then prepare ye this defense while he is occupied. Gudd, dost thou remember how to create a Beam of Disruption?" "I do."

tempestletrope "We must call on other forces to defend and attack. Rou, remember ye how to create the Shield of Gnum?" "Yes, Father."

tempestletrope "Even the sword of the ancients cannot end his life for he lives not," said Ullv. "I pray you boys remember your teachings."

tempestletrope Ullv's sword clove Oceanus clean in two. But no blood flowed from the demon king's body. Instead gray-green smoke billowed.

tempestletrope "He hopes to call forth his minions, Lads. Prepare!" Ullv warned. With that he drew his glorious silver sword and charged.

tempestletrope Oceanus leaned his head back and his mouth opened as if in a silent roar. Gray-green light poured from his eyes and mouth.

tempestletrope "But I don't intend to, Boy," Oceanus sneered. "That would be a challenge, and I prefer not to work hard if I need not."

tempestletrope "Ah, Ullv! I am pleased that your reflexes are still nimble as ever," Oceanus laughed. "You'll not best us all," said Rad.

tempestletrope The exiled wizard king deflected the lightnings of his ancient enemy with his magical shield, long ago forged in Mxcd.

tempestletrope The demon king shot a bolt of indigo lightning from his palms towards the youth. Ullv literally flew to meet the bolt.

tempestletrope "Correct you are, Gudd," laughed Oceanus as he hovered before them. "You win the prize for thy guess. Thy gain is death."

tempestletrope "'T'is Father," Rad said with a smile as Ullv rode up beside them. "Indeed," said Gudd. "But there is another."

tempestletrope "Sense ye a presence, brethren?" queried Gudd. "And I speak not of one of the animal denizens of this forest."

tempestletrope The muzzles of the steeds were also protected by a light veil of this same magical fabric and the lads wore scarves thereof.

Blankets woven from the same fabric were placed beneath the saddles to keep their steeds warm in the freezing night as well.

The brothers rode through the cold night, but they felt not the chill. The coats and leggings they wore were woven of magical fabric.

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Hurray! After bitching vehemently about the Westboro Batshit Cult, we now return to A Princess of Xiumiqa.

A Happy Cat makes a Happy Home.

26 Year Old Windsor Ontario Man Badly Beaten Because He Is Gay, Call For Congress To Repeal DADT And Let The Pentagon Do The Rest, New York Times Calls For Full Repeal Of DADT, Lady Gaga Envies Bravery And Courage Of Gays, Andy Murray

I has a fever. :0p Unfortunately there is no one who can replace me at work tonight so I'll have to go in anyway.

Follicular Lymphoma Survival, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Treatment The truth about Fred Phelps revealed. Some "horns" for the Westboro Batshit Cult

Hey Westboro Batshit Cult

Here are some "horns" just for you!

You can protest at the funeral of Ronnie James Dio, trying to ride his coattails to get some attention to your pathetic cult of hate.

You can walk around carrying signs saying that "God hates fags" and "thank God for dead soldiers." 
All this proves is that you are incredibly twisted by your vile hatred of everything and everyone.
I never thought I'd say this because this statement usually comes out of the mouths of reactionaries who believe that anyone who disagrees with what's going on in the United States is a "commie," but if you hate America so much, get the hell out. Nobody wants you here.
If your god is the one who is passing judgment, I would spit in his face. I would not want to go to a heaven that allowed your hateful ilk in. For me, that would be hell. And hell would be heaven because all the cool people would be there.
I am at a loss for words at how much venom spills from these fools. 
Their attitudes resemble a certain other group of lowlife losers that I despise.

Just back from molesting little boys behind the outhouse

I apologize to Ronnie James Dio for including his picture in a post that contains pictures of this other filth. I love you, Ronnie. Your music and your attitude were both inspirational. You kept a troubled teenage girl from harming herself many a time, and your imaginative musical tales kept me wanting to continue writing even though I've become kind of jaded. I can only hope that these scum do not cause your family too much pain during your send-off. You are more loved than they are hated, and that is the truth. 

Love always to one of my creative and personal heroes,

and to the Westboro Batshit Cult and the KKK:
Kiss my ass

@adamlambert I like to keep it campy too. Keep on keeping on, Love!

@meganphelps Your intolerant ilk are the true Antichrists.

Friday, May 21, 2010 Tempest's message to Westboro Baptist Church of Intolerant Ignorance. Wolfie of Death Cheese goes back to college.

Thursday, May 20, 2010 Working sick

Cracking knuckles doesn't cause arthritis

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Bloody hate working for other people!

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tempestletrope "It wouldn't do for you to become pregnant with my offspring with the ugly smell of vomit on your sweet breath," Rad hissed.

tempestletrope They walked up the stairs and down the hall. But rather than going to Isabella's chambers, Rad led her to the mineral baths.

tempestletrope Isabella felt dizzy, as if she were drunk. Everything began to seem dreamlike. Rad put an arm around her and helped her up.

tempestletrope "Come now, let's get you cleaned up." "But the guards..." Isabella started. "We'll send someone down to help them. Come on."

tempestletrope "I won't leave you, Isabella," Rad insisted. "I'll stay by your side and defend you. And I'm sure the guards will as well."

tempestletrope "I'll have to tell my father. He'll probably throw me into the dungeon. He'll think I did out of spite. Rad, you must go."

tempestletrope Isabella began to weep. "I didn't even mean to kill him," she sobbed. "But when he hit you in the head it made me furious."

tempestletrope "Sorry for what?" Rad asked. "You saved me." "Well, then I'm sorry I got sick. I've never killed anyone before. I didn't..."

tempestletrope Rad gathered Isabella in his arms. "No, Rad," she protested. "I should be caring for you. He hurt you. And I'm so sorry."

tempestletrope Isabella retched again and vomited. She felt Rad's hand on her shoulders. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve. "I'm sorry."

tempestletrope Oceanus howled and vanished in a puff of red smoke. Isabella dropped the Vydk and her knees went weak. She turned from Rad.

tempestletrope Blood spurted from the wicked wizard's stomach and gushed forth from his mouth. Isabella retched but thrust the Vydk again.

tempestletrope Before Oceanus had time to react, the nimble princess had speared him through with the sharp tines of the Vydk. He screamed.

tempestletrope Oceanus cried out in surprise and released his grip on Rad. Rad dropped to his knees. Isabella turned the weapon around.

tempestletrope But rather than charging the wizard with the tines of the fork, she swung the shaft of the weapon, striking his head.

tempestletrope Rad slumped to the floor. Isabella screamed. She grabbed a forklike weapon called a Vydk from beside Waldemar's prone body.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

tempestletrope "He'll force you to spawn his vile demon offspring!" "Quiet, you infidel!" Oceanus snarled, clubbing Rad in the temple.

tempestletrope "Yes, I'll do anything you wish. Only let him go," Isabella agreed. "No, Isabella, don't allow him to touch you!" Rad cried.

tempestletrope "Let him go, Oceanus. It's me you want, not him," Isabella pled. "Only if you agree to my wishes, Princess," said Oceanus.

tempestletrope Within the dungeon on the floor she found the other guard, Waldemar. And then she saw Oceanus holding a knife to Rad's neck.

tempestletrope Isabella found one of the guards, Kai, knocked unconscious outside the dungeon door. Cautiously she opened the heavy door.

tempestletrope "I'm on my way--please don't harm him!" Isabella begged. The wicked wizard king's laughter echoed from the stairwell.

tempestletrope Isabella hurried down the staircase heading towards the dungeon. Idony was with Yana, and Oceanus was occupied with Rad.

tempestletrope "You'd better hurry, Princess, or I'll cut his skinny throat and bake his Adam's apple in a pie!" Oceanus laughed wickedly.

tempestletrope "Rad! Where are you?" Isabella cried. "Isabella, the wizard has me!" came the voice. "We're in the dungeon" said Oceanus.

tempestletrope As Isabella turned the key in the door leading to Rhianon's tower, she heard a voice crying out. "Isabella! Help me please!"

tempestletrope "And I'll not marry my sister's beloved and be ever tied to this palace. I'll be stewardess of the outlands and marry Rad."

tempestletrope "I'll never allow myself to be turned into a dolly dressed in fine clothes who sits on her throne smiling and nodding."

tempestletrope She learned the history of her kingdom and those surrounding. And she learned practical skills such as cooking and sewing.

tempestletrope Isabella had always insisted upon learning many disciplines. She learned combat skills from Squire Angus. She studied art.

tempestletrope The self-sufficient Isabella thought it a terrible waste that a princess was expected to be naught but a decoration.

tempestletrope But Isabella especially was glad for the knowledge that Rhianon imparted to her and practiced her craft on her own often.

tempestletrope The king felt that it was the place of sorcerers and sorceresses, not of princesses, to learn spell casting and scrying.

tempestletrope Rhianon taught the sisters many things, but she was never able to fully educate them in the ways of the magical arts.

tempestletrope Rhianon came with Isabella's mother from the kingdom of Mvyx, near the ruins of ancient Mxcd. She was old even then.

tempestletrope The sorceress Rhianon lived at the top of the staircase in her own tower. It was said that she was more than 1100 years old.

tempestletrope The elder sisters went each to guard their younger sisters, save for Isabella who walked towards the dark staircase.

tempestletrope "You were easy to seduce when you thought your peasant boy was with you before, Isabella. This time shall be no different."

tempestletrope The thrill of the moment once again decreased the ability of the young women to plan properly. Oceanus laughed silently.

tempestletrope "Bianca and Odila, go ye now to Tabea and Ebba. Idony, go hence to Yana's nursery while I hie to Rhianon's tower."

tempestletrope "And do let us ask Rhianon to stay with Yana this night and protect her. I'd not put it past that villain to kidnap a babe."

tempestletrope "For Oceanus is just the sort that would harm children in order to get his way. We must be at the ready for his attack."

tempestletrope "Yes, that would be wise, Idony," said Isabella. "And I think that one of you should stay with Ebba and one with Tabea."

tempestletrope "Isabella, think you that one of us should stay in your room with you tonight?" Idony asked. "In case Oceanus may return?"

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All right, which of you has been giving my kitten speed? She has been dreadfully hyper all day!

David Boreanaz's Wife: I'm Still Angry

Health, Bret Michaels :

Dr. Larry Dossey's Official Website

President Obama: This is Your Crude Awakening

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tempestletrope "Well, I'm afraid that you've bested us," Kaylynn said. "After all, you are there and we are here. What can we possibly do?"

tempestletrope "I've a lovely virgin princess to seduce. By the end of this night, she will be a virgin no longer. And Rad will be blamed."

tempestletrope "No friends, no home, no kingdom. Such a terrible pity. But I've no time to sit here feeling sympathy for your losses."

tempestletrope "Neacel never had magical abilities, and his wife's have been dulled by years of neglect. You have no allies here, exiles."

tempestletrope "And Neacel is completely in my sway. If I told him to prance through the kingdom nude, he would do so without question."

tempestletrope "Isabella has more sense than to fall for your lies," Rad said. "Not if she thinks you came back for her," said Oceanus.

tempestletrope "Padrac would care not, as he intends to bed Bianca. He will accept Isabella's love for the peasant boy. My son is naive."

tempestletrope "What would you hope to accomplish by this, Oceanus?" Ullv asked. "Padrac would know the child is not his. He would leave."

tempestletrope "Her sisters will be easy enough to distract. Then the lovely Isabella will succumb to the questionable charms of Rad."

tempestletrope "I have overpowered her mother, who now sleeps deeply beside her fool husband. She thought to take me by surprise. Idiot!"

tempestletrope "And what do you intend to do about it, Boy?" the wicked sorcerer sneered. "You are in the Outlands and I am here with her."

tempestletrope "Not if I rip your ugly head from your shoulders!" Rad shouted. "Quiet Son," Ullv said calmly. Oceanus laughed triumphantly.

tempestletrope "Using the guise of your rangy colt of an offspring, I will easily seduce Princess Isabella. Soon she will carry my seed."

tempestletrope "Thanks to your son's inability to control his boyish excitement over the little princess, I've gained great advantage."

tempestletrope "Your kingdom was destroyed long ago by the greater might. Now you are naught but peasants. You have no influence here."

tempestletrope "I knew you had the other Eye of Sek, Oceanus," Kaylynn said. "And I know of your plans as well." "What of it?" said he.

tempestletrope "He's an ugly bastard," Rou chuckled. "Is his son human, or is Isabella betrothed to a monster?" "Quiet!" Rad hissed.

tempestletrope Oceanus too had a stone bowl, in which he had immersed a similar violet eye-stone. He snarled, his orange lips curling.

tempestletrope The pupil of the eye-shaped stone opened wide. In it, Rad could see the wicked King Oceanus. He was in a dark chamber.

tempestletrope The red-violet seemed to expand and contract. "The Eye of Sek," Kaylynn said, a hard glint in her eye. "With it I see him."

tempestletrope This item was a bright violet stone with a round spot of ocean blue in the center, and within the blue a spot of red-violet.

tempestletrope Into the water she once again dropped sap from the Tree of Frup and sand from Tvug. This time she included another item.

tempestletrope "And our cleverness shall come in the guise of desperation and stupidity," she said. She took the bowl of Gqa and filled it.

tempestletrope "We must be calm and we must be clever." Kaylynn wiped away her tears and reached to dry her husbands. She smiled broadly.

tempestletrope "I despise him too, my dear one," he whispered. "But we cannot allow these emotions to rule us, or we will be bested quick."

tempestletrope The hardness melted from Kaylynn's demeanor like ice. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She clung to Ullv, who also wept.

tempestletrope Ullv gathered his wife in his arms. "My love, do not let him use this weapon against you. If you do, he will best us sure."

tempestletrope The three young men and their father looked at the family matriarch with concern. Her face was grim with an ancient rage.

tempestletrope "He thinks that we fear him. 'Tis true that he destroyed our land and drove us into exile. But I fear him not. I hate him."

tempestletrope "I want him to know I'm here," Kaylynn said defiantly. "The coward dares invade the minds of my sons. Let him deal with me."

tempestletrope "Mother, I'm not sure that's wise," said Rad. "We know it's him. Why give him the opportunity to gain greater hold on us?"

tempestletrope "I will look through the Eye of Jvaq," said Kaylynn, "though I am sure I know as well. He would cloud the waters of Gqa."

tempestletrope "I would identify the one who attempts to use our sons as puppets, my love," Ullv said to Kaylynn. "Though I'm sure I know."

tempestletrope "It was as if something was forcing them out of my mouth. They did not form within my mind. I could not stay my tongue."

tempestletrope "But I would never begrudge either of my brothers finding the love of his life," Rou said. "The words that came from me..."

tempestletrope "And who wouldn't be?" Gudd said, attempting to lighten the mood between his brothers. "She is lovely. You are lucky, Rad."

tempestletrope "Truly, I do not know what came over me. I admit that I was jealous at first that the Princess was clearly drawn to you."

tempestletrope Rou put a hand to his forehead. He shook his head and looked up at his brother. "A thousand pardons, Rad," he said softly.

tempestletrope "Enough!" Ullv roared, his fist slamming on the table. "I'll not have my sons fighting like curs. Where are thy senses?"

tempestletrope Rad sprang to his feet, fire in his eyes. "If you think you could steal her from me with thy pretty face I dare thee try!"

tempestletrope "And living in the Outlands, is it any wonder?" Rou snapped. "Perhaps if she had seen me first she would have chosen me!"

tempestletrope "You've never known love," Rad said, shooting his brother a hard glance. "So don't presume to tell me what I should feel."

tempestletrope "Rad, how can you love this girl so that you'd waste away if you can't have her?" Rou queried. "You've not known her long."

Oops--Rou is Rad's brother. :-p

tempestletrope Rou's sad golden eyes gazed down at the hearty simple meal prepared with such care by his brothers. Yet he had no appetite.

tempestletrope "Rad, eat some of this delicious meal thy brothers prepared," Kaylynn insisted. "It will do Isabella no good if you starve."

tempestletrope And now we continue with A Princess of Xiumiqa. Follow the adventure at

Chapter IX: At Dinner

But first I will enjoy such thrills as taking some items over to the storage unit. My poor home looks awfully like a storage unit now.

Messed around too much the last few days. Time to get back to working on Princess of Xiumiqa. For those who don't know its my Twitter novel.

Amy's hot wheat cereal with soy milk and a little syrup for breakfast. I feel like a kid again! Though as a kid I was not lactose intolerant

Majority of Mentally Ill Not A Danger to Others

ASPCA | Report Animal Cruelty

Insomnia just plain sucks.

The PETA Files | Puppy-Tossing Marine Expelled!

Animal Anarchy

Animal Anarchy: puppy throws scumbag off bridge

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McCartney attacks China over fur

Rage - Vox

Where do the days go? They seem to get away from me so quickly!

Appreciate the "Psych Week" specials on Discovery Health. They educate about real psychological issues without being exploitative.

Help President Obama Hold BP Accountable - DSCC: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Mini-Horse Breeding: Why Horses Aren't Toys | Animals |

Meet your new lover, Crazy Train!

7 Classic Star Wars Characters Who Totally Dropped the Ball

True love is waking up surrounded by cats...that are all eagerly awaiting your waking so you can feed them!

I do not know what's going on with my computer today. It's partying like it's 1979 and transferring data at the mighty speed of 14.4 kbps.

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My financial situation is horribly discouraging.

New Pasta Fazool/Dirty Sanchez Logo Unveiled

Much though Tempest loves cats and avoids swearing I'm about to sell this one into slavery or something. She can be such a loudmouth bitch!

Torrid Tempest: Drill and Spill

Drill and Spill

As a Facebook friend remarked, "Obama and Soros are 100% about Drill Baby Drill," and this article seems to support his thought. However, the article's point is that Obama should not be approving drilling off the coast of Brazil, but in U.S. waters. I believe the disaster in the waters near Louisiana shows just how erroneous offshore drilling is--period. I personally am disgusted that Obama approved ANY drilling. I thought I was voting for someone who cared more about our environment than Sarah "Drill and Kill" Palin, who, far more than McCain, sealed the deal for not casting a vote on the Republican ticket in 2008.

Yes, Dahlings, it is time for Tempest to confess. While generally I avoid talking politics, I will state that I did vote for Obama because I thought that he would repeal "Don't ask don't tell," and because I thought that he was more concerned about the environment, especially with Sarah "Kill the wolves" Palin on the Republican ticket. I will admit to being doubtful of my choice at this point, as Obama has proven himself to be equally apathetic regarding the environment, and "don't ask don't tell" is still in force. Mr. President, I am sorely disappointed.

A Cat With An Undercoat?

Suppose I should get back to "A Princess of Xiumiqa" but after Script Frenzy am still feeling rather depleted. Hope this resolves soon!