Monday, December 27, 2010

Am I the only person who doesn't understand what the hell 2G, 3G, or 4G mean? Will there be a 5G? Should I care? So called friends that dump you for no reason? Not worth your time

Hollywood Hate

So,1942's JUNGLE BOOK,When watching this I was reminded of the times as a child I would get sick and throw up in a toilet for hours on end,a very similar expierence.This film is nothing but bad acting reacting to even worse stock footage of animals and a bunch of white men who should have been fighting world war II playing Indians in black face, nightmarish garbage avoid, I wish I did.

Tempest Says: Yes the "Indians" of old films, often ridiculous. Why not hire a real Indian? Race hate, that's why. I remember hearing that Bruce Lee was not given the part of Kung Fu because he looked "too Asian." News flash--guy was Asian! Things are better to a degree these days, but it is still hard for very dark-skinned black people to find work as models. The work is often given to the lighter-skinned black people with more Caucasian features.

Separation of Church and State: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Facebook friend Shibley Rahman asked his friends what we think of this article regarding supposed Christian persecution in modern society. These are my thoughts:
I believe that people should have a right to practice their religion, but I also believe in separation of church and state. It's a fine line sometimes. If they allow an Arab (presumably Muslim) nurse to wear scarves but don't allow a Christian to wear a cross, is this discrimination? I suppose it depends on the area of the hospital, but in most hospitals I would assume that only minimal jewelry is allowed, meaning post earrings. Also, with the jewelry thing I wouldn't see it as being discrimination for a Christian not to be allowed to wear a crucifix if a Muslim is not allowed to wear a moon and star, a Jew is not allowed to wear a star of David and a Pagan is not allowed to wear a Pentagram. The scarves, for instance, are a cultural thing, not necessarily a religious one. As I said, it is a fine line and these are very early morning musings from a very tired night shift worker!

Tempest is consuming soggy Subway veggie sandwich and V-8 before doing her rounds. Ah the lap of luxury, working the Bat shift!

Homeowner Horror

All two of my readers already know my housing woes, but in case someone stumbles on this place, I wanted to share with you this online exchange between myself and the amazing Jewel Shepard. This took place on her Facebook page. If you do Facebook, you might try to friend Jewel, although she may already have too many friends. You can also always friend me--I know I don't have too many friends!

Jewel: I owned several homes, at one time. I KNOW! Hard to believe! I have worked for over 20 yrs. to aquire them... and sadly - lost both. Do, too... life issues? Yep. Life issues... One to foreclosure, the other... this was my house I loved so, and lost to foreclosure - sort of. In a massive lawsuit with Bank of America, bless that bank. '...Cause... they are evil. This was my Christmas in '09... so many friends and family I have lost since then... the photos I am posting is from this Christmas '10. And, to be quite frank? One of the best Christmas's ever! With many folks from my "famous" days. Funny... they turned camera shy at this strip joint and hotel we all hung Christmas eve... Belushi, God rest his soul, would have loved this Christmas Eve...
Tempest: Wow, Jewel, that sucks. It's so hard to own these days. I just want to warn everybody, don't EVER buy a new mobile home! Joke all you want about mobile home owners being "trailer trash," but I bought one because it was all I could afford. Yeah, right. The thing has been such a money pit. Currently I am without running water due to a water heater blowout, have soaked carpet in 3 rooms due to said water heater blowout, am severely upside down in my mortgage because the things depreciate in value, and can't get a new home while I still own it, even though my credit is decent, because my debt to income ratio is too high. If anyone is thinking of buying a mobile home, buy a USED one, which has already depreciated to its bottom value. It won't be such a huge loss to you.
Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to warn people about this horrible housing "option."
Best of luck and much love to you, Jewel. I hope that 2011 treats you better.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Isabella had been so deep in thought that she almost walked into the wall when the group arrived at her parents' sleep chambers. amwriting

Rhianon would be the one to ask, she supposed. Although the exiled sorceress might not know much of her father's activities in recent years.

Isabella realized now just how much under Oceanus' sway her whole household had been. No-one had thought to ask him these questions.

Oceanus must have kidnapped Padrac at some point. Whose child could he be? Had Oceanus once been wed to Padrac's mother? Had he killed her?

Isabella could sense that Rhianon was something other than human. She had gotten that same sense from Rad's family. But never from Padrac.

Check out Bodi Bill – kilogramm @lastfm

Why hadn't she thought of it before? She had simply believed Oceanus to be perverse, wanting to take advantage of his son's bride.

A startling thought came to Isabella. Oceanus was a demon but Padrac seemed to be completely human. Therefore he couldn't be Oceanus' child.

Then Bianca would have been impregnated with Oceanus' demon offspring, and the kingdom of Jvaq would be doomed to the tyrant king's rule.

If he had done so without a struggle, Oceanus would have tricked Bianca into bedding him, taking the guise of his own son to seduce her.

However, Isabella realized that in the long run, this might be for the best. What if her father had allowed Bianca and Padrac to marry?

Neacel's insistence that only blood-related offspring could form a marital union with particularly desirable allies had led to trouble.

But Neacel insisted upon clinging to outmoded traditions, even when doing so was in the long run detrimental or downright destructive.

Isabella felt sad about duping her father. She thought what a helpful ally he could be if only he weren't so inflexible in his views.

Check out Tiger Lou – The Loyal @lastfm

I am massively tired and have bronchitis but my dahling fans, I do intend to try and finish a chapter of A Princess of Xiumiqa tonight. Yay!

Anyway enough about Hugh Hefner. Silly old goat! Let's talk about me--silly old bat! Or more specifically about my wondersome Twitter novel!

I have nothing against older people having an active love life. But doing so with someone young enough to be your grandchild is...bleah!

Sorry to sound ageist but what 24 year old would want to marry that old geezer Hugh Hefner? Must have $ signs in her eyes. I'm rolling mine.

Note to self: hey stoopid! Aspirating corn kernels will not improve your respiratory status!

Oh how I wish I could sleep!

More Emergen-C down the hatch! I truly do loathe bronchitis.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Check out Honeymoon Suite – New Girl Now @lastfm Haven't heard this in 20 years Toxic Hunger

How do these Morons Get Teaching Credentials?

At age 25, one would have to be an utter mental midget to want to bang a sixteen year old. Sixteen year olds may have adult sexual organs and a huge sexual appetite, but they are emotionally immature. Only an idiot would want to do something that would create such an incredible mess in their life.
At the age of 18 I had a 16 year old boyfriend. He was as emotionally immature as one might imagine and it didn't last more than a month. Once I was much older than 18, the high school boys started looking like children to me.
At any rate, this woman should be prosecuted for criminal stupidity if nothing else.It's called "jail bait" for a reason! I would kill for a pizza with extra cheese right about now!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

She's Not Stupid Because She's Fat--Grow Up!

There will be NO SHARPIES in Ms. Woodside's class. But you can expect inane commentary from Smoking Gun readers regarding her physique.
This is my response to a story on The Smoking Gun about a teacher who made a citizen's arrest on a student who was caught with a marker in his possession. Rather than sticking to the point, that being that such an action is ridiculously overblown given the "crime" committed, numerous idiots focused upon the woman's physique--to my dismay, but not at all to my surprise.

While this teacher is obviously an overly dramatic jackwagon looking desperately for some excitement in her life, her size and physical appearance have nothing to do with her attitude. There are some wonderful teachers in this world who are large people and are probably not what mainstream society would consider "attractive." Then again, there are some absolutely deplorable teachers who would be considered attractive and are atrocious human beings who seduce twelve and thirteen year old boys. I would hope that people could keep their assessments of the situation above a junior high level of thinking. This woman's physique has nothing to do with her idiotic behavior in this instance.
Whatever one's size, a sensible person would have simply confiscated the marker and told the young man not to bring one to school again. If he was a repeat offender, he might be sent to the principal's office. The action taken by this teacher was completely over the top and unnecessary.

Check out Bruce Cockburn – Elegy @lastfm A beautiful piece of music from the talented Mr. Cockburn

Why Twilight is Anti-Feminist

First, read the post by Brittney-Jade Colangelo of Day of the Woman. This is my response to yet another very well-written critique by this young woman.

Right you be! I do agree with one commenter who said that Twilight is fantasy romance, and I would emphasize that it is fantasy romance rather than horror. I like my vampires scary rather than creepy, personally, and I like adult relationships. Would I have been ga-ga over this book when I was fourteen? I don't know. I probably would have liked it better than I do as an adult. When I tried to read it I wasn't able to get through it because of the purple prose that you mentioned. And yes, Bella is very obviously Stephanie's Mary Sue. I don't really have a problem with that as such, but since the whole thing seems like it was written by a fifteen year old rather than someone in their thirties, it's kind of appalling. It seems to me that Steph is still lamenting the guy who didn't take her to prom.
I'm having a bit of fun writing what I would describe as a feminist swords and sorcery trope. Yes, sometimes the heroine gets in trouble and the hero rescues her. But on the flip side, sometimes the hero gets in trouble and the heroine rescues him. Plus, I do try to give my characters personalities, and I am not afraid to use the word "feminist." I tire of the apologists who say "I'm not a feminist but I believe in equal rights for women." If you believe in equal rights for women, you're a feminist. It does not mean man-hater.
You have a very strong voice. Keep writing!

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Time for Tempest to take her medicine and get ready for work. Meh!

Hardly got any sleep today thanks to my damn dogs that had to bark at anything that moves including the cats they've lived with for years!

I love animals, but seriously, some mornings they really try my patience! Don't even think about kidnapping the Swedish straw goat! plz crosspost ASAP in case theres a chance So many at this shelter need rescue or they will be put down. :(

This is very weird, since as far as I know this is my first encountering of the guy! What's the sitch, @mrmilton1?

Huh. I wonder what I did to @mrmilton1. Seemed cool so I thought I'd follow on Twitter but have been blocked.

"And we must avoid attracting the attention of Neacel. While under my father's spell, he is our adversary. I will cast another sleep spell."

"Come now, girls, let us enlist the help of your mother. We haven't a moment to lose." "He probably put a sleep spell on her," said Rhianon.

"We must seal him in Tpyb, the realm of the guardians. He took us by surprise when he and his demon armies destroyed our kingdom long ago."

"We want to force the hand of Oceanus. If Ullv and I are present, he will attack us first. Then together we can weave a spell to trap him."

"Of course he is too powerful for only Ullv and myself to make an effective prison for him. This is where we require the help of Rhianon."

"He cannot be killed, Majesty," Rhianon said grimly. "Even if I could bring myself to do so for the good of all, it is impossible."

"No, but he must be stopped," said Kaylynn. "It is impossible to talk sense to Neacel. He is under the spell of Oceanus." amwriting

"We must enlist the help of Gyda. The sooner the better. And it is better if Oceanus knows not what we are planning." amwriting

"T'is your father, not you, who is the demon. Your past actions have proven you to be trustworthy. But you can protect him no longer."

"You know the true nature of my father, and yet you still trust me?" Rhianon queried. "Of course," replied Kaylynn. amwriting Find my last entry for Princess of Xiumiqa on Typepad My last entry for Princess of Xiumiqa on Blogger 7 Years Bad Luck: Sex (I'm A...) Very cool cover of the Berlin song.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Prepare for the onslaught of Romantic Feminist Fantasy Trope! Tonight, A Princess of Xiumiqa resumes! amwriting 10 greediest people of 2010

We live in a world of lies, and the most degrading ones are the lies we tell ourselves. Sex trafficking of teen girls in United States

Monday, December 20, 2010 and now some dating tips for guys that actually make sense. #1 would be act like a pushy stalker who won't hear the word "no."

Aside from nails on a chalk board, the most annoying sound when stricken with a headache is barking dogs! My rude dogs don't care though.

This diet promises I can fit into my skinny dress by this weekend. Even when skinny I didn't own a skinny dress! I'm more of a baggy lady.

Tempest is disconcerted, Dahlings. I had a dreadful headache so I proceeded to the Wal Mart to buy some Aleve. Got home and it's not in bag!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Do any of you writer types notice that if you go for a long time without writing you fear beginning again?

Check out Foo Fighters – The Pretender @lastfm Tempest has known more than a few of these too.

Check out Them Crooked Vultures – Dead End Friends @lastfm Sadly, Tempest has had more than a few of these in her time. for people who like rabbits and wear shirts

Saturday, December 18, 2010 Farewell Daria, our dear bunny Tempest wishes in vain for a little truth in advertising.

Going to have to start looking for meatless things that taste like chicken. @petrasteele is pushing all her friends to be vegetarian.

Oooh, that last bite of leftover chicken kung pao had a piece of one of those red chilis. Ouch!

RT @cracked The real-life Christopher Robin did not grow up to be a well-adjusted man:

RT @cracked Why Santa Claus Gets Screwed Every Year:

Happy birthday @cowboytroy Much love and thanks for the joy and fun you bring to the world! For those of us mourning the loss of a loved one this holiday Don't worry, it's not a real crocodile. 7 Pieces of Furniture Designed by Satan on Super Acid

RT @revrunwisdom Don't let ur mind BULLY ur body into believin it must carry all the garbage & stress its conjured up

Tempest is thinking about her New Year's Resolutions, Dahlings. Such as getting back to writing A Princess of Xiumiqa. writing