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"We stormed the Tower where Yithef was being held prisoner. She begged for her life and died like a simpering coward as I obliterated her."

"My hate grew by the day. I swore that not one member of the vile House of Mxcd would be allowed to live. My first attack slew a thousand."

"I demanded that King Mqvv and Queen Bcie, the parents of Kaylynn and Yithef, slay the murderess to atone for my loss. But they refused."

"Not even the most powerful of sorcerers could reach my beloved. With each day without her I grew more filled with hate and swore revenge."

"She tricked my beloved Kotyz into drinking Aether of Gnyve. This onieromancy sent the spirit of my wife to the Valley of Death Eternal."

"Yithef was far more powerful than Kaylynn could ever dream of being. She held the key to life and death. She could control spirits."

"But if mother was a spirit of heaven, she could not truly be destroyed," Rhianon protested.
"Mayhap not. But Yithef banished her."

"Your mother was queen of the spirits of the Heavens," said Oceanus. "I of course, am King of the Underworld. Together we ruled gloriously."

"Mother died when I was but a small child," Rhianon said. "I know that she was wonderful and kind. She wouldn't wish suffering on others."

"Do you know how glorious your mother was, Rhianon?" Oceanus demanded. "If you knew what a treasure was destroyed you too would be angry."

"Kaylynn, no! You are innocent as well," Rhianon cried. "Your death will not bring my mother back! Father, please, stop this madness now!"

"If you feel it would bring justice for your loss, then kill me. But do not continue to punish innocent people for your anger at my family."

"It is true that my family could not see fit to execute her, but we did have her under lock and key so she could do no further harm."

"Princess Yithef, my sister, poisoned your wife in a fit of jealousy, Oceanus," Kaylynn said. "She was being punished for her actions."

"You are so much like your mother," Oceanus said. "And those we tried to live in harmony with so long ago are the ones that killed her."

"Why do you delight in causing such grief?" Rhianon demanded. "Why can't you live in harmony with these folk? Why use your power for evil?"

"It grieves me that my child considers me her mortal enemy," Oceanus said. "Why do you not join me, Daughter? Glory will be ours together."

"Faugh! I see no need to waste another breath arguing with you. I am done speaking." And with that the exiled queen turned to the window.

"It would appear to be so at the moment," Kaylynn concurred. "Though even you can't always have your guard up, Oceanus. Sooner or later..."

"You're in a fix now, Sorceress," he said. "For if you or your husband or your wretched brood oppose me, the queen dies. I've already won."

"Yes, Captain."
The guard Lyr turned smartly and hurried up the stairs. Once he was gone, Oceanus resumed his true form and laughed.

"You may leave now, Lyr. Increase the patrols. And keep an eye on the princesses. They too seem to have been influenced by this sorceress."

"What of Rhianon, do you suppose?" the guard asked. "She must be under the spell of this sorceress."
"Perhaps. If so, she will be spared."

"Yes, Captain," the guard agreed.
"True, her treachery will likely result in the separation of her head from her shoulders," Oceanus mused.

"Now Lyr, the prisoner is, after all, a lady," Oceanus admonished. "And although she is a traitor, we should still treat her respectfully."

"There has been nothing but discord since you and your family came to this place!" he shouted, shoving the exiled queen roughly. "Move now!"

Oceanus, in the guise of a guard, led Rhianon to the dungeon in a respectful fashion. His fellow guardsman treated Kaylynn in a rough way.

"Rhianon, why would you harm her majesty? Has this outsider bewitched you?" the guard asked.
"Take them to the dungeon!" Neacel demanded.

When the guard entered the chamber, his eyes widened in surprise. For there in the custody of one of his fellows stood his friend Rhianon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Yes your majesty?" the guard asked as he crested the top of the stair.
"Hurry to my chambers. These sorceresses have accosted the Queen."

When Oceanus rose, so did Neacel. He pulled a cord near the bed and a bell pealed. He strode stiffly to open the bedchamber door. "Guard!"

Light from the malevolent green stone fell upon Kaylynn and Rhianon. Both stood unmoving, staring straight ahead. Oceanus rose and stood.

"Firstly, I will have your father--my puppet--order his guards to place these treacherous wenches in the dungeon," Oceanus thundered.

"I need to have assurance against treachery. Thus thy good mother will remain in this dormant state until I have achieved my objectives."

"All right, I'll marry Padrac," Isabella conceded. "Now free my mother."
"It isn't as easy as that, Princess," Oceanus chuckled. amwriting

"Come any closer and she dies," the demon king hissed. "And believe me that she will remain this way until you meet my demands." amwriting

The staff was topped with a deep green stone which cast an unsettling hue over the bedchamber. A beam of light settled directly on Gyda.

The demon form of Oceanus was truly unsettling. Malevolent russet eyes glowed in his vicious bone-white face. Skeletal hands held a staff.

In the bed nearby, Queen Gyda lay motionless. Her skin was a shocking shade of red. And behind Neacel stood none other than King Oceanus.

The sight that met the eyes of the women was a shocking one. King Neacel sat on a chair beside the bed. His deep green eyes were glassy.

The lantern that Rhianon carried shone a cool blue-white light emanating from a small stone. Isabella opened the chamber door cautiously.

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Intense Cold War Animation

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@nikkisixx conversely, I didn't go to church today and half a dozen people burst into flames! ;-)

"As far as the ratings bullsh#t, capitalism has dumbed many into thinking the most counts, majority rules, etc" --Chuck D

Once I had love and it was a gas, soon turned out to be a pain in the ass. Best song lyric about love ever!

Life for Intersexed Children is Difficult

I wanted to post this comment on Pam's House Blend, but I keep getting a popup that says "Bad Gateway." So I will post it here. The article was in regards to forcing intersexed children to be one gender or the other rather than allowing them to choose when they got old enough to make the decision, and the drastic consequence of making such a critical decision for them.

Thank you to those of you who shared your stories about your experiences. Gender is much more complex than the average person believes it to be. And there is so much stigma if you aren't a "manly man" or a "girly girl." I'm a straight woman who was born female, but I was never a "girly girl" so I got branded a "tomboy" and a "dyke." Being branded a dyke didn't particularly bother me because I figured anyone who refused to be my friend because they thought I was a lesbian wasn't a friend worth having. However I've always hated the term "tomboy." My name wasn't Tom and I wasn't a boy. I was simply an active girl.
But I digress. The situations you are referring to are much, much worse. I myself knew a girl when I was in junior high who came from this horrible, redneck family. She looked and acted kind of boyish, and I always figured she was another "tomboy" like myself. Her hateful dick of an older brother was always beating her up and her parents did nothing about it. I later found out that she was intersexed and the doctors had decided that it would be easier to "make her into a girl" than a boy. I don't know what happened to her. I only know that I liked her no matter what her gender was and I felt sorry for her having to live in that awful family.
I hope one day that minds will open enough to realize that we should treat all people as people, whether they are gay, straight, or bisexual. Whether they are the sex that they were born, or they are transgendered. Whether they are one sex or intersexed. That is the only way to prevent these sad things from happening any more.

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Blue Moon with a Heartache

Blue Moon out my window, guess this means goodnight
then you come in and start right in, not treating me right
well misery's a ball, and all it's company
I'll play the victim for you honey, but not for free

I run into that heartache just like a wall
and act like nothings happened to me, nothing at all
lately im amazed, at how blind we can be
lately even dreaming feels like old reality

what would I give, to be a diamond in your eyes again
what would I give, to bring back those old times
what did i say, to make your cold heart beat this way
maybe I'll just go away to stay

maybe i'll just go away
maybe i'll just go away

and i don't care who's waiting, at my front door
you know that life don't hold no glamour anymore
how can it all look so right, but feel so wrong
i'll play the victim for you honey, but not for long


maybe i'll just go away
maybe i'll just go away
maybe i'll just go away