Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the cabin lived a family of 5. There was a couple and their 3 children. The children really were not children any more. They were men.

Up ahead was a tiny, ramshackle cottage made from the sturdy wood of the brownish-green Fiqual tree. Blue-gray smoke rose from the chimney.

The glade where a mere three weeks ago children had been playing was now a sheet of green ice. Isabella moved slowly over the slick glade.

Isabella didn't think it right for her to stay warm and sheltered when there were those who might be going hungry on this cold winter day.

A forest green frost hung over the midnight green branches of dormant yuka trees. Isabella thought of those who lived in the frozen forest.

One day I will not have to eat PBJ because I can't afford anything else. I will eat it because I want to! Lily Strange gives Tempest LeTrope a shout out!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The New Adventures of PANSI And Friends: PANSI'S NEW HATE the famous PANSI does not take well to Tempest LeTrope's fame

The charming Princess was quite beloved by her subjects. Just 18 years old, her kindness was as legendary as her stunning slate gray eyes.


"Oh it's so cold!" Her royal highness Princess Isabella of Xiumiqa sighed rubbing her hands together for warmth. "So very very cold indeed."

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