Saturday, February 23, 2013

Facts About Chocolate

There are two things in life that must never be resisted or passed up--besides free money. I mean cheese and chocolate, Dahlings! This post will cover the chocolate angle. In the meantime, I will eat some chocolate from this Valentine heart that I got as a gift from my Mommy.
Refuting silly, silly myths about chocolate, the Food of the Heavens.

Wheezy gets some insanely good chocolate and shares his thoughts.

 He also discusses barefoot running. I'd rather not try it. When I was much younger, I forced myself to run. I hated it. I jog in the pool--seriously. Non-impact exercise is much better for my sciatica and knee issues.

 I do want a pair of these though. One of my cousins has a pair, and he swears by them. I wonder if I could get away with wearing them at work. I'm sure they'd--dare I say it--stop people in their tracks. I could eat exotic chocolate while wearing these shoes. Suddenly, my day would seem much cooler!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Was Khalil Islam Framed for the Assassination of Malcolm X?

On the 48th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, questions still remain as to who was actually behind the killing. We may never know the full answer.

Khalil Islam served jail time from 1966 to 1985. Was he wrongfully accused? He offers compelling evidence in the above video.

Khalil Islam passed away in 2009.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Assassination of Malcolm X

This is the scene from Spike Lee's movie, X.


"We have not yet learned to disagree without becoming violently disagreeable." --Martin Luther King, on the assassination of Malcolm X.

A horribly misguided need to be right at all costs resulted in the assassination of Malcolm X. There are still many questions about who exactly was behind the killing. There were members of the Nation of Islam who were arrested for his murder. Talmadge Hayer confessed to the crime. Norman 3X Butler (AKA Muhammad Abdul Aziz) and Thomas 15X Johnson, (AKA Khalil Islam) were also convicted, but their convictions are questionable.

It is also possible that certain factions of the U.S. government were culpable in the death of Malcolm X. We may never know for certain.

Malcolm X was a true role model. He wasn't perfect, but he was highly intelligent and eager to find the truth in any situation. His desire to do the right thing led him to be at odds with the Nation of Islam, as he came to the point of no longer believing in Black supremacy, but in the need for human equality and justice for all people.

Although I am white, I count Malcolm X among my role models. He stood up for what he believed in, even though it cost him his life. He was willing to change his ways if he discovered he was going down the wrong path. He owned his actions and apologized for his mistakes. Such traits do not know any particular race. They are traits that every human being should attempt to embody.

Rest in peace, Malcolm. The world is a better place for your having been here.

May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Matt Damon has the Bladder of a God

Poor Wheezy. He really has to go to the bathroom, but he can't let Matt Damon, he of the Godlike bladder, know!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A (COMEDY) Re-enactment of the Takedown of Bin Laden

If you find South Park and other Trey Parker/Matt Stone productions funny, you will likely find this amusing. Otherwise you will probably just find it foolish and offensive. So no bitching--we warned you up front!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Previously Suppressed Forensic Evidence in the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was the result of a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur, in Tamil Nadu, India on 21 May 1991.

The assassination was caught on film by a local photographer, who was also killed in the blast.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How To Destroy Angels Playlist

How to Destroy Angels is the side project of Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig. We will be using their songs in several forthcoming posts on the Undead in the Netherworld blog.

Enjoy the playlist here

Friday, February 8, 2013

Open Your Hearts and Help Spread the Word: Queen, a Dog in Need


 Undead in the Netherworld readers, we have our own Queen, a juvenile female Xenomorph who is the reluctant star of an exploitative FOGNL reality show. But can we open our hearts and share the word about this Queen, a majestic Ibizan hound who was terribly abused and is now being cared for by some good people.

Read more of Queen's story here. Please share, and donate to help her if you can.

Thank you!

The Great Bell Chant: End of Suffering

Following my post wherein I feature a video disputing the omnibenevolence of the Christian deity (Yahweh) I have been asked what it is that I do believe.
At the crux of my belief system is the belief that all things are composed of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form. Thus, when asked if I believe in an afterlife, my answer is yes. The energy which powered the body does not cease to exist when the body dies. It takes on a new form. It is my belief that this energy generally finds a new body to inhabit. There is no set period of time in which it "must" do this.

Can we change the world on a spiritual level as well as a physical one?

I believe that chants, prayer, and spells are all forms of tapping into energy, of altering energy currents, of increasing energy. The form is not so important as the intent. One belief system's form of tapping into the energy is not superior to another belief system's way of doing so.

I have been accused of ridiculing Christianity. I repeat that I do not ridicule Christianity as a whole. I'm completely in favor of religious tolerance, and that includes not ridiculing other people's belief systems, whether or not I am inclined to belief the particulars of said system. But I do ridicule dogma and sanctimoniousness.

Let us raise the energy in favor of love, tolerance, and peace.


TJ Does Life: The Benevolent Leviathan

Sociopolitical commentary on control vs. freedom and finding a balance thereof.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Darkmatter's Ask God a Question + Apostles Music Video

Warning, this is EXTREMELY IRREVERENT and may offend. We were entertained by the music video. It is so Netherworld! Plus, there's cussing and lots of it. Suffice it to say, it's not for everybody. You have to have an open mind and a sense of humor.

So, seeing as you've been warned, don't whine at us if you find it offensive. It's irreligious, irreverent, adult humor.

Thanks, Dahlings!


Problems with Biblical Literalism and Religious Double Think: Omnibenevolence

This video takes on the question of Jehovah/Yahweh's supposed omnibenevolence as purported by certain Christians, in contrast to the violent edicts of the Old Testament.

If one is a Biblical literalist, one cannot also claim that Yahweh is omnibenevolent, given edicts such as those cited in the video.

I would like to point out that I am not condemning Christians as a whole. But I do have a problem with Biblical literalists and "Bible Thumpers" who think it's their right to tell others how to live their lives, condemning others for such things as being homosexual or not having the same religious beliefs.

I most assuredly do not have a problem with a person who attempts to live his or her life in a Christlike manner. I don't have a problem with Christ.

I am not an atheist. I would like to point out that I don't have a problem with atheism, except in the case of the "my way or the highway" type of atheist who purports that anyone who has any sort of spiritual belief system is stupid. This sort of stinkin' thinkin' is equally as closed minded as the Bible Thumpin' Fire and Brimstone Preachin' line of "thought."

Before anyone asks, I am a Pagan. I believe that there are many valid paths that people might be drawn to experiencing in a given lifetime. I believe in reincarnation. Whether you share this belief or not is your choice. I won't belittle yours if you don't belittle mine, or tell me that mine has to be the same as yours.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MIMS: This is Why I'm Hot

I found this one especially for my home slice Wanda, in response to her Joey Bada$$ post.

You have to love these lyrics.

"I'm hot cause I'm fly, you ain't cause you're not."

I'm picturing Whitey Crackajack covering this tune!