Saturday, February 23, 2013

Facts About Chocolate

There are two things in life that must never be resisted or passed up--besides free money. I mean cheese and chocolate, Dahlings! This post will cover the chocolate angle. In the meantime, I will eat some chocolate from this Valentine heart that I got as a gift from my Mommy.
Refuting silly, silly myths about chocolate, the Food of the Heavens.

Wheezy gets some insanely good chocolate and shares his thoughts.

 He also discusses barefoot running. I'd rather not try it. When I was much younger, I forced myself to run. I hated it. I jog in the pool--seriously. Non-impact exercise is much better for my sciatica and knee issues.

 I do want a pair of these though. One of my cousins has a pair, and he swears by them. I wonder if I could get away with wearing them at work. I'm sure they'd--dare I say it--stop people in their tracks. I could eat exotic chocolate while wearing these shoes. Suddenly, my day would seem much cooler!