Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It may sound gross but a bit of apple cider vinegar and honey in water is very refreshing and good for the stomach.

Watching Clive Barker's "The Plague." If this movie were true I wouldn't be writing this now as my offspring would have offed me!

Good evening. I just woke from sleeping all afternoon. Sleeping beauty I'm not, I fear. Woke with bloodshot eyes and stiff joints. Horror!

My script for Disney wasn't accepted, which is really no surprise. Had it been, you may have heard of me under my real name by now.

tempestletrope Next project: Script Frenzy. I do not really know the first thing about writing scripts. Wrote one ten years ago for Disney.

Or perhaps I truly am just a no-talent hack. If so, thus it is. I will inject every last bit of hate I can muster into my new creations.

My project was classic science fiction. These days they are looking for the next "Twilight." If project is any but young adult don't bother.

If you wish to try Page to Fame, good luck. I did not care for it and felt that I paid $5 for nothing. Ended up withdrawing my project. Page to Fame

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mentor Huebner Official Website - Entry

Do You Have Borderline Personality Disorder? | Anxiety and OCD Exposed

Borderline Personality Disorder and Anxiety | Anxiety and OCD Exposed

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mental Health | Psych Central

Obama on Mental Health Care | Psych Central

Weight Discrimination Is Prevalent | Psych Central News

Obese Individuals Feel Discrimination | Psych Central News

House, Grey's Anatomy Breach Real World Ethics | Psych Central News

TMS as Drug-Free Depression Treatment | Psych Central News

tempestletrope Tempest is doing Script Frenzy, Dahlings! The tentative name of the blockbuster is Weird Wonderland: Alien Freak Show.

tempestletrope | Script Frenzy

White Powder Puffs From Lindsay Lohan's Shoes |

Monday, March 29, 2010

Need to get me some sleep tonight. Seriously. Need to be up at 4 AM.

Don't really want to be awake, but know I shouldn't go back to sleep.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sara Lee made a cherry pie for me, Dahlings, and now I'm baking it! Wasn't that just lovely of her?

Thunderbird Mail is being a terrible bother, Dahlings. It will not allow me to send mail. I can't locate the security setting it speaks of!

Self Respect - Vox

Terminators must be well endowed. The cowgirls at the country bar didn't seem to mind when Ahnold the Terminator strode in buck naked!

6 Assassination Attempts that Almost F#@ked the World |

If Cartoons Were More Like The Real World |

The 25 Least Useful Self-Help Books Possible |

We shoot the pets that don't get adopted and when we run out of bullets, we run over the rest. | Animals |

Alley Cat Allies On Facebook? Help animals for free! Lots of dogs need to be saved.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

tempestletrope "Of course your blood is of no consequence. You are but a relic from a kingdom long destroyed. I require blood of Xiumiqa."

tempestletrope "Tempting though the prospect may be, t'would be far more sensible for me to impregnate your daughter. Your blood daughter."

tempestletrope "Indeed," Gyda said coldly. "T'is well for you, husband, that I am too advanced in years to bear you more children."

tempestletrope "If I wished, I could have my way with you, good Queen," the wicked voice continued. "But I haven't time for such things."

tempestletrope "Xiumiqa and Jvaq must have a male heir! A kingdom cannot be led by females. Women are weaker and slaves to their emotions."

tempestletrope "Sadly, thy vast pride hath usurped all thy more human qualities. You are not the man I married. I do mean this literally."

tempestletrope "Show thyself, Usurper," Gyda demanded, making an intricate motion with her hands. Light streamed from her fingertips.

tempestletrope The light curved and waved until it met her husband's eyes. For a moment he seemed frozen in place. He stared blankly.

tempestletrope Another face began to take shape, superimposing over King Neacel's. Suddenly, the spell was broken. Neacel grabbed Gyda.

tempestletrope "As your insolent daughter pointed out, not all things are as they seem on the surface," the king mocked in a cold voice.

tempestletrope "For were I still youthful enough to bear you offspring, I would refuse to bed you again. And that would insult thy pride."

tempestletrope "But blood royal they are not! T'would be a grievous insult to Oceanus to mingle his blood with aught but blood royal."

tempestletrope "We have done the offspring of our fallen knight and doctor the great favor of treating them as royalty," he thundered.

tempestletrope "And this is truly worth destroying the happiness of not one but two of your daughters?" Gyda demanded. Neacel glared.

tempestletrope Neacel slammed his fist down on the table. He seemed frustrated that although startled, his wife met him with a steely gaze.

tempestletrope "Regretfully, between the two of us we were not able to conceive a male heir. Perhaps Isabella, our blood daughter, shall."

tempestletrope "Thou wert always too soft, Gyda. You know as well as I that one who marries such as Padrac must be of the blood royal."

tempestletrope "We adopted the triplets as our own and bestowed upon them the title of princess. Why then are then not treated as such?"

tempestletrope "Answer me this, Husband. Why must it be Isabella who marries Prince Padrac? Why cannot Bianca be the one? She loves him."

tempestletrope "Although my Neacel might disagree vehemently with his daughters, he would never be cruel to them. Thy actions distress me."

tempestletrope "Even my youngest children turn against me," he remarked. "I know thee not!" Gyda repeated. "My husband loves his children."

tempestletrope "And I as well," Ebba said quietly. The girls walked hand in hand away from the dining area. The king watched, aghast.

tempestletrope "If my sisters aren't allowed to dine, than neither will I!" the little girl announced boldly. She clung to Ebba's hand.

tempestletrope "Girls, please go to your chambers. I'll send Ètaìn up with the rest of your dinner." Tabea's voice quavered as she spoke.

tempestletrope Little Yana, seated in her high chair, began to howl. "Cadence, please take Yana to the nursery," the queen bade the nurse.

Friday, March 26, 2010

tempestletrope At the end of the table, young Ebba and Tabea stared in horror at the distressing exchange between their parents.

tempestletrope "Who you are?" Neacel sneered. "A princess of a monarchy that no longer exists. You would be nothing without me, Wife."

tempestletrope Gyda's normally gentle demeanor hardened. "Do not forget who I was before we married, Husband," she said coldly. "Who I am."

tempestletrope "So now my own wife plots mutiny against me just as my ungrateful children do?" Neacel demanded, a hard look in his eyes.

tempestletrope "Neacel, what has possessed you?" Gyda demanded. "You are oft stubborn and argumentative, but cruelty is not your nature."

tempestletrope "And if my sisters are not to dine, than neither shall I," said Idony, throwing down her napkin. "Your cruelty astounds."

tempestletrope "Belay that order, Roude," said Neacel. "If my daughter chooses to behave as an insolent child, she shall be treated thus."

tempestletrope Odila stood up and turned to a servant. "Roude, please bring a small platter of food to my chambers. My thanks to you."

tempestletrope Bianca burst into tears and ran from the table. "Father, art thou mad?" Odila demanded. "Thy tongue is sharp as a sword!"

tempestletrope "I would expect you to take her side," said Neacel. "Particularly when t'is evident that you have an eye for her betrothed."

tempestletrope "Well, if you hoped to win her over to seeing things your way, that was hardly the approach to take," Bianca said pointedly.

tempestletrope "I attempted to remain civil, but still you attempt to provoke me," Isabella said disgustedly. "I am excusing myself now."

tempestletrope "Ah. Indeed. Next you'll be trying to convince me that your outlander lad is a prince of an exiled kingdom," Neacel smirked.

tempestletrope "And if he were," Isabella said through clenched teeth, "the joke would be on you."
"Neacel, really!" Gyda said tiredly.

tempestletrope Isabella could not help bristling at her father's deliberate dig. "Not all things are as they appear to be on the surface."

tempestletrope "I feared that your time spent with those country folk led you to believe that you need not conduct yourself as royalty."

tempestletrope "Of course, Father," Isabella said placidly. Her demeanor seemed to take Neacel by surprise. "Well and good then," he said.

tempestletrope Isabella hoped that her father would forgive her relaxed attire. After all, it was only the family dining together tonight.

tempestletrope "Really, Isabella," he said. "I hope that if Oceanus and Padrac arrive on the morrow, you will dress as a princess ought."

tempestletrope King Neacel shot his daughter a glance indicating that he was not entirely pleased with her informal choice of clothing.

tempestletrope amwriting The adventures of Princess Isabella continue. To follow along go to

Other than needing one bad tooth pulled, the vet was very impressed with the health of Isis the Pyro Kat, who is 10 years old.

Nobody knows the troubles I've seen with money. Well, maybe some people do. Bad times, more money going out, no more coming in than before.

The LeTrope Legacy: Glorious, or Embarrassing

Spent most of the night on (thanks to Jackie) Traced my maternal lineage back to Swedish royalty in the 300's.
Oh how the mighty have fallen! What would old King Egil say to know that one of his descendants has been lowered to living in the infamous Netherworld Hotel?
I was also related to one king known as Eystein "the Fart." I shit you not! Isn't that a gas? I wonder if he was any relation to Axe Man. Which would make me a relation to Axe Man.
Oh, Dahlings, I fear I am going to swoon!

Spent most of the night on (thanks to Jackie) Traced my maternal lineage back to Swedish royalty in the 300's.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The spinach salads from Costco are quite good, but I could do without the half ton of bacon bits.

Must drive to the airport. The horror! Really must become fabulously wealthy so I can hire a chauffeur for such onerous tasks!

cats I am of the belief that my kitten, Lafayette, is a Category 5 hurricane in the body of a deceptively cute fluffy black cat.

I think I am regressing to infancy, Dahlings. I just spilled my cinnamon apples down the front of myself. Perhaps I need to acquire a bib!

Friday, March 19, 2010

tempestletrope "It is my pleasure, my young devotee. Always you have approached me with the greatest of kindness and regard. Hear me now."

tempestletrope Isabella sensed the presence of Swwyy beside her. "Great Swwyy, Goddess of the Underworld, Queen of the Dead, welcome."

tempestletrope "But you would not remember this kingdom, Princess Isabella. It was destroyed long before your time," a hissing voice said.

tempestletrope "But from what kingdom did they come? They are not of Jvaq, nor of any land I know. And I have knowledge of many kingdoms."

tempestletrope "So!" Isabella exclaimed. "I knew that Oceanus was up to no good, and I knew that Rad's family was more than they seemed."

tempestletrope The green ball struck Ullv's adversary. He jerked and his face turned so Isabella could see him. It was King Oceanus.

tempestletrope Kaylynn mouthed some words and an electric green ball of energy formed in her hands. She threw the ball with all her might.

tempestletrope Kaylynn stood upon a rocky outcropping. She was armored in the same reflective metal and she wore a cloak of royal blue.

tempestletrope The otherworldly green eyes of Ullv looked back at Isabella. And now her eyes were drawn upward to the jagged maroon hills.

tempestletrope Her vision brought her closer in and now she saw the monarch's face. Although her heart leaped, she was not surprised.

tempestletrope She didn't recognize the king at first beneath his glorious helm. The mountains cast rose hues from his magnificent armor.

tempestletrope A vision began to form. There was a great battle being fought in a valley near mountains of stone maroon like blood.

tempestletrope "Communicate with me now, powerful mothers. Bring me sight," she breathed. She set the stone beside the pool and relaxed.

tempestletrope Isabella lay her head back against a pillow of rolled bath linens. She pressed a smooth, dark green stone to her forehead.

tempestletrope Isabella sprinkled the sacred salts into the pool. Removing her robe and slippers, she now entered the ceremonial bath.

tempestletrope "May I, like the wolf, now see the hidden world. May I, like the wolf, have the strength to defend against my adversaries."

tempestletrope "Graceful and ethereal Nyz, Queen o'er the world of dreams, guide me to the truths my soul requires. Bring me visions now."

tempestletrope "Powerful Swwyy, Goddess of the Underworld, she who guides the Dead, guide my soul to hidden truths, that I may triumph."

tempestletrope "Beloved Vyzha, Mother of the Earth upon which I walk, from whose womb all living things sprang, be with me and guide me."

tempestletrope As the Lupa incense took fire, Isabella began her chant to call the Goddesses who would help her see the hidden truths.

tempestletrope Burning this incense was said to give the celebrant the keen sight possessed by wolves to navigate worlds seen and unseen.

tempestletrope The incense burned was called Lupa and was made with dried flowers from the Lupa tree. Wolves were attracted to the Lupa.

tempestletrope Alvik, the stone from which the bowl was made, was rare and beloved of Nyz, Goddess of Dreams. Her presence was vital.

tempestletrope She sparked flint to tinder and lit the charcoal which rested on the brimstone in a bowl made of peach-colored stone.

tempsetletrope Isabella lit the black candle from the flame of her lantern and lit each of the other candles from the black candle flame.

tempestletrope The candle placed near where her right shoulder would rest was dark as the darkest night. It would call Swwyy to commune.

tempestletrope The candle she placed at the bottom left of the pool was a deep verdigris shade, like the plants on the forest floor.

tempestletrope "My mind will travel to the world unseen while my feet remain on the ground. Together they will lead me on the path to joy."

tempestletrope The sunshine candle was placed in the bottom right corner. It was golden like the sun and infused with wonderful spices.

tempestletrope The candle placed in the upper left corner of the pool was a deep purple color. It would open her mind to the Unseen world.

tempestletrope There was a chest in the cavern, from which Isabella took four candles. She placed these at each corner of the bathing pool.

tempestletrope Isabella had to know the truth about King Oceanus and about her new beloved and his family. They were more than they seemed.

tempestletrope Here she could also connect with Swwyy, the snakelike goddess of the Underworld, keeper of secrets and bringer of knowledge.

tempestletrope Here she could commune with Vyzha, Goddess of the Earth, the comforting maternal figure who nurtured all living things.

tempestletrope Isabella entered the earthen womb of bole rock where the mineral baths were contained. She always felt comforted here.

tempestletrope She would be sensible and quiet until she could convince him of the logic of her argument. If she could not, she would defy.

tempestletrope It wasn't after all quite as simple as it seemed, Isabella realized. But she had no intent of obeying her father's orders.

tempestletrope So why did they stand for being ordered to comply to ancient laws that only brought misery? Why did they not simply refuse?

tempestletrope At any rate, she wasn't at all pleased with her father's archaic sensibilities right now. Nor were her sisters or mother.

tempestletrope Her father hated it when she refused to dress properly for dinner. But it wasn't as if she were dining in her bedclothes.

tempestletrope Isabella slipped on her simple brown hooded robe and her old brown slippers. She took her old blue house dress with her.

The metatarsal pain seems to have something to do with the way I sit when I work on the computer at home. I need to be mindful of this.

tempestletrope amwriting Time for the continuing adventures of Isabella, Rad, and their naughty thoughts.

Too much of a petite delicate flower to make myself go out in this below freezing weather. Will write for a while and then hopefully sleep. Save A Cat Save A Dog

Oreo, Yes on Oreo's Law Home

Cat Vs. Baby: A Clash Of Cuteness (VIDEO)

What did I do to myself? Numbness and tingling in L shoulder, pain and numbness in L foot in metatarsal area. Can't remember hurting self.

What's wrong with this text? "Free video how I Lost 10 % of your body weight in 30 days! Even with no exercise or diet pills." Funny!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pam's House Blend:: When will the evil stop?

Oh, Hypnos, please do not try to seduce me now. I have to go to work--I dare not heed the siren song of the couch!

Juke Joint Soul: Buddy Guy to receive Lifetime Acheivement Award at 2010 BMAs

Preparing to face my doom--work tonight plus drowning in a sea of paperwork that I need to get done by tomorrow afternoon. Le suck!

Juke Joint Soul: Blues Hall of Fame inductees announced for 2010

Juke Joint Soul: St. Louis vocalist/pianist Clayton Love passes

It is my younger brother's birthday, Dahlings. Chronological age: 41. Mental age: 14. Only joking! Brother is a firefighter--a real hero.

Facebook | No Kill Nation

The Wearin' O' the Grin ? Cute Overload

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If You Fail To Look Before You Leap, You May Wind Up All Wet - Blooming Psycho's New Strange World Today

Monday, March 15, 2010

Need to stop checking my email. The only emails I've gotten all day are from my penny stock adviser news letters. So depressing!

Animal Anarchy: Komputer Kats

The most coveted spot for cats in my house is on top of my computer. They fight for this spot!

Feel like ten pounds of crap in a five pound sack. Hope ye who read this are faring better.

Maggie Lamond Simone: Depression: The Post Script

Trouble So Hard - Blooming Psycho's New Strange World Today

tempestletrope Rad stroked Isabella's velvety magenta locks as she sweetly surprised him by kissing his manhood as she caressed it.

tempestletrope The dream Rad removed his tunic and trousers while the dream Isabella stripped off her dress. Rad's manhood stood straight.

tempestletrope Isabella gasped and whimpered. She ground her hips against Rad, driving his finger deeper into her. "Please," she sighed.

tempestletrope As Rad suckled Isabella's nipples, he gently caressed her womanhood. Slowly he slipped a finger into her moist opening.

tempestletrope Rad undid the front laces of Isabella's simple dress and pulled up her blouse, exposing her breasts. He kissed each of them.

tempestletrope The dream Rad lay the dream Isabella back on a blanket beside the Knac tree. He drew up her skirt and took off her bloomers.

tempestletrope Isabella was a little shocked by the intensity of her feelings, both of love and lust. She couldn't seem to control them.

tempestletrope "I want to conceive our magical child with you," Isabella sighed to Rad in her mind. She wished that she were really there.

tempestletrope He or she might even become a servant of Hatife, a druid who could heal the plants, creatures, and folk of the forest.

tempestletrope The child conceived through their love beside the Knac tree would be blessed by the Goddess of Renewal and would have gifts.

tempestletrope "Oh, Rad, my love!" Isabella gasped. She wanted to do more than kiss him. She wanted to make an offering of love to Hatife.

tempestletrope She wanted to feel the warmth and wetness of his lips against hers and to taste his breath. The need burned her like fire.

tempestletrope Isabella could very nearly feel the kiss and it drove her mad with desire. The imaginary Isabella gripped Rad's shoulders.

tempestletrope He guided her face upwards so she was looking into his lovely golden eyes once again. He drew her close and kissed her.

tempestletrope Rad turned to face Isabella, smiling. She blushed and inverted her eyes. His long-fingered hand cupped her chin gently.

tempestletrope Isabella could picture herself standing at Rad's side near the heliotrope-blossomed Knac. She linked her arm in his.

tempestletrope "I love you," Isabella whispered, touching the cheek of the sketch she had made of Rad. "I will be with you somehow."

tempestletrope He was gentle and sweet-natured and cared for all living things. He was kind to Isabella's sisters, and certainly to her.

tempestletrope His manner was simple and honest, yet his mind was full of ideas as clever as those of the great scholars of the monarchy.

tempestletrope But he was the most comely lad that ever she had laid eyes on. Other girls were fools. This plain boy was the one for her.

tempestletrope Isabella was aware that Rad was not the sort of boy that most girls would find handsome. He was skinny, toothy, and angular.

tempestletrope "I have found you," she whispered to the picture of Rad that was taking shape on her paper. "And I will not let you go."

tempestletrope Isabella always danced with her sisters during the Festival of Hatife. But this year she wanted to dance with her love.

tempestletrope The ethereal Hatife was a gentle spirit made of lavender mist, who brought love and renewal to the world with her touch.

tempestletrope She wanted to celebrate the Festival of Renewal with Rad. She wanted to dance with him to welcome the Goddess Hatife.

tempestletrope The growing season would be here soon. Isabella wanted to be in the Outlands when it came, to observe the beauty of renewal.

tempestletrope Another element took shape in the picture, almost without Isabella's awareness. It was Rad, gazing kindly at the little Fua.

tempestletrope Isabella's first drawing was of a squirrel-like animal called a Fua, which sat on a branch of the heliotrope-flowered Knic.

tempestletrope She took out her board and drawing paper and began sketching pictures of her beloved Outlands, whence she swore to return.

tempestletrope Rather than concentrating directly on the plan, Isabella put the general thought in her subconscious and distracted herself.

tempestletrope Sometimes it took a while for a plan to become clear. Isabella had learned that forcing ideas tended to result in folly.

tempestletrope Isabella cried for a full hour. When the tears finally subsided, the seeds of a plan began to form in her mind. She smiled.

tempestletrope amwriting Please join Tempest at her blog to read the rest of her story so far.

Trying to translate loneliness into creativity. In this life, I've used this coping technique many a time.

Awkward is: when someone who unfriended you on FB keeps being suggested as a friend possibility!

cats how can one feel lonely when one has a snarling wolverine--I mean cat--in one's lap. This cat hates other cats & they keep coming by.

junkfood At least I have chocolate covered pretzels.

mentalhealth work The constant schedule flipping (day to night) is starting to play havoc with my mental health. I feared this would be.

At times it baffles that one can share a planet with six billion other people and yet feel completely alone on one's journey through life.

'A warm feeling when I talked to him': Studies in Crap presents the diary of a Catholic school girl - Kansas City News - Plog

Mission Impossible Star Peter Graves Dies - Tributes, Peter Graves : Save a Dog on Facebook

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Texas Textbook MASSACRE: 'Ultraconservatives' Approve Radical Changes To State Education Curriculum

30 Hour Famine: Teens Fast For World Vision Campaign

Remembering Granny D, Activist Who Walked 3,200 Miles At Age 89

1to1 Media: Can Avatars Replace Humans for Customer Service?

Recall of the Flavor-Enhancing Additive Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein in Hundreds of Products « SpeakEasy

Why Salads Are More Expensive Than Hamburgers | Food | AlterNet

When Are You Dead? Science Just Made the Work of Religion a Bit More Difficult | Belief | AlterNet

While watching "A Time to Kill," it occurs to me that Klan members look like walking condoms.

tempestletrope "If we take it upon ourselves to defy ancient laws, then the strength of the monarchy begins to crumble. We must comply."

tempestletrope "But the ancient laws do decree that the heir or heiress to the throne must be of the blood royal. The elder girls are not."

tempestletrope "Both are dead now, evidently. We raised the girls as our own and in almost every way, they are fully part of this family."

tempestletrope "But my elder daughters were not born unto my wife and myself. They are the children of one of my knights and his wife."

tempestletrope "My good Sir Ullv, I thank you for your honesty," said the King. "And if it were possible, I would follow your advice."

tempestletrope "Yet it seems that one of your elder daughters shares heartfelt love with the good Prince. It would be her joy to wed him."

tempestletrope "The people will come to despise her and she them. She and good Prince Padrac will have a loveless marriage. 'Tis tragic."

tempestletrope "But confined to a palace, she will never belong. She will be a troublesome and negligent monarch, bitter and miserable."

tempestletrope "There's never a hint that she feels herself superior to common folk. She fears not hard work nor long days. She belongs."

tempestletrope "Her delight is evident when visiting the homesteads in the Outlands. Her joy is caring for the beasts and folk alike."

tempestletrope "This girl does not care for grand balls or flowing gowns. Her love is a wild forest and the good common folk of the land."

tempestletrope "I pray that I do not overstep my bounds, but good majesty, hear me out. Your Isabella will not be happy as a monarch."

tempestletrope "Your children's happiness is a matter of great importance. Choices made now can dictate a lifetime of joy or sorrow."

tempestletrope "Your majesty, none of this matters," Ullv said, and his eyes were filled with tears. "But there is one thing that matters."

tempestletrope "I may have," said the King. "What was your ranking? Were you a lord? An Earl? A count? Were you a knight? An adviser?"

tempestletrope "Are you an exile, Sir? From what kingdom?" King Neacel inquired. "It matters not," said Ullv. "You'd not have heard of it."

tempestletrope "Nobility and royalty are not necessarily the same thing, your majesty," Ullv said. Both his eyes and voice were heavy.

tempestletrope "What is your story, Ullv?" the king inquired. "You are obviously much more than a simple country dweller. You seem noble."

tempestletrope "Your majesty's compliment warms my heart," said Ullv. "But I prefer to avoid such positions. I wish only a simple life."

tempestletrope "Now you, Sir Ullv, would make a fine steward. You have the maturity and the good sense that make you perfect for the role."

tempestletrope "It is also clear to me that the people of the Outlands find Sir Garric an inept steward. I will remove him from the post."

tempestletrope "Yet we must all at some time forego delight for duty. Isabella can best serve the monarchy by marrying Prince Padrac."

tempestletrope "I can well believe that the folk of the Outlands trust and love my daughter and that she would make a good stewardess."

tempestletrope "It is clear that she loves the Outlands, both the wild forests and the people dwelling there. I fully understand this."

tempestletrope "My dear Sir Ullv, I agree with you wholeheartedly that my daughter is a bright young woman and most devoted in nature."

tempestletrope A fire raged in the fireplace, yet to Isabella the room felt cold. Her father's stern countenance was far from comforting.

tempestletrope Isabella crept down the hall. Her father sat in the den with Lord Ullv. Ullv's manner was calm, the king's somber.

My dahling little cat Tara is playing with a plastic fork.

tempestletrope amwriting Follow the story so far at

Tempest LeTrope's blog - Vox

tempestletrope @andersoncooper Now there would be a fine specimen of a man for a romance novel hero, Dahlings! I appreciate intelligence.

Pam's House Blend:: Of Sexual Abuse, Triggers, Festivals, And Monopolies

Shall tempestletrope hang her head in shame at her lack of hunky characters? No, Dahlings, she shall write in spite of the shame!

Poor tempestletrope could never possibly top this. Her hero is a slender young peasant whom most girls find plain but the princess loves.

Baffling dialogue: "What sort of wet lettuce do you think I am?"

"She had forgotten how much her diaphragm expanded when she let herself go and really raised the rafters." (She's singing.)

"She loved it when his big, warm hands cupped her buttocks, subjecting her to delicious stroking moves as he prepared her." (RBV)

"perhaps with the addition of a giant television-screen in every room to catch up on any rugby matches he might have missed."

"All he seemed to need was a clean bed and a floor to pace -- "

"Unstoppable tycoon" Ethan "The Bear" Alexander, an ex-rugby player and "a dynamo running on adrenalin and sex" (RBV)

Heroine Savannah "shivered at the thought of so much undiluted maleness" (From Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin)

His eyes are "deep gray with just a hint of duck-egg blue" and "blazed with an internal fire women longed to feel scorch them." (RBV novel)

tempestletrope has been bested. She'd never think of these lines which came from The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin by Susan Stephens.

'Undiluted Maleness': Studies in Crap presents the hunks of Harlequin Romances! - Kansas City News - Plog

Two things I couldn't possibly care less about: Pretty Wild and Kendra. Celebration of useless self-serving people. Adverts are so annoying!

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Tell petland to stop selling puppies. Adams County Animal Shelter Brighton, CO Save a Dog on Facebook

Our Dirty Little Secret: Who's Really Poor in America? | Economy | AlterNet

Is Our Sexed-up Society Creating Prosti-Tots? | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet

Friday, March 5, 2010

tempestletrope Rad was out in the snow, playing with Tabea and Ebba. Isabella's heart stirred. She loved his youthful nature and kindness.

tempestletrope When Isabella looked out the window, the sun glancing off the snow caused her to shield her eyes. The snow was quite deep.

tempestletrope Given the excitement of the night, the members of the royal household did not rise till the sun was well above the horizon.

tempestletrope will be working on the novel tonight, Dahlings. Follow its progression on twitter & Vox.

Using skinny models for plus size clothing makes no sense. One wishes to see what clothes made for fuller body looks like on a fuller body.

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The word of the day is hummus. I will now eat my words, Dahlings.

Jeffery Sexton: Another Real Life Boogeyman - The Dreamin' Demon Brophy's 3rd annual bash to beat Juvenile diabetes. Bluesman Steve Arvey will perform.