Monday, October 11, 2010

Plastic Surgery Sometimes Isn't Pretty

 Here are some photos of celebrities whose faces have been destroyed by plastic surgery. They don't even look human any more.

It's a shame that people feel the need to do this to themselves. I have had minor plastic surgery, such as liposuction to remove a double chin (back when I was fortunate enough to only weigh 150 pounds) and caps on badly damaged teeth. I will never have botox and I have stopped dyeing my hair since it is now almost completely gray. We need to stop seeing aging as a bad thing. We may not obliterate people once they hit 30 such as was the premise of Logan's Run, but we do push the idea that anyone over a certain age is no longer valuable. It needs to stop!

A mature and still handsome Michael York, who allowed his face to age naturally rather than trying (and failing) to still look 25 via plastic surgery
A mature and lovely Jenny Agutter (left) with a friend
Farrah Fawcett also allowed herself to age naturally. Even when she became ill, her natural beauty shone through.

Life does not end at 30. Nor does beauty. We need to become a more mature society and learn to see the beauty in all of life's NATURAL phases!