Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anti-Catholic Imagery in Music Videos

This is a response to user SuperAmanda, who says:
I'm officially calling a moratorium on Catholic and Christian female performers gone wild. I don't care if your life is one big PVC grudge f*ck against the Vatican and daddy's ministry outside abortion clinics.

Tempest Says: I can relate to your thoughts. I was raised Catholic myself. There is the part of me that thinks "this is terrible, do they really have to do that" when I see this type of imagery. However, there is also the part that understands wanting to use shock to get back at the religion that frightened and shamed so many of us. Particularly with the revelation of numerous victims of pedophilia at the hands of the shaming priests. My cousin was one of these victims.
Personally, I would choose to show my disgust a little more tastefully, however. Not all Catholics are horrid, judgmental people. I have known many who were very kind, and I would not wish to be quite so offensive to them when expressing my dismay at certain aspects of Catholicism.