Thursday, April 19, 2012

Insane Parenting Trends

She is waiting to consume your soul. Quick! The lead pipe!

The original post appears at the website. These are my insightful and wise thoughts.

I think if the lead pipe thing were combined with the indigo children we could achieve some balance. Breast feeding school aged children, Seriously--no. I'm all for nursing babies--the key word there being BABIES. But seriously, once they've had their kindergarten graduation, it's time to stop.
I really don't know how "orgasm" and "childbirth" can be used in the same sentence. I was in so damn much pain when I was giving birth that I did not ever want to have sex again because I didn't want to have that particular end result again. I eventually had to be knocked out and they had to do a c-section. So, pleasurable? The exact opposite end of the spectrum.
Some people really must live on a different planet. I wish they'd go back to it and take their late breast feeding indigo children with them. Then I might not have such a strong desire to carry a lead pipe with me wherever I go.