Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blood + Playlist and Tempest's Browser Issues and New Years Resolutions

I do enjoy my anime, Dahlings. Blood + is an innovative series which you may enjoy too. Please check out the full playlist of episodes.

I am having dreadful browser issues. I had been using Chrome for ages, but there was a persistent error message that would not be eradicated even when I re-downloaded the software. Also, Flash kept crashing.

You Tube videos won't play in Sea Monkey.

I can't paste pictures from my Flickr account into my Posterous blog using Opera.

Explorer doesn't spell check.

Ugh! Is there any browser that will do what I need without all the drama? 

Happy New Year to all of you, by the way.

So far, I'm doing dandy on my pledge that some of my fellow team members and I took to eat less meat. I hadn't eaten chicken in over a week and I don't think I'll be doing so again. I had a bit today, and I must say, I was not impressed even though it was an organic meal.

No fears, Dahlings. We aren't the sort of people who will brow-beat you about your dietary choices. This is just something that we all decided to do after much reasearch into factory farming and the carbon footprint created by production of meat, particularly beef.

We do have an animal related page on Facebook that you can check out if you so wish!