Thursday, February 7, 2013

Problems with Biblical Literalism and Religious Double Think: Omnibenevolence

This video takes on the question of Jehovah/Yahweh's supposed omnibenevolence as purported by certain Christians, in contrast to the violent edicts of the Old Testament.

If one is a Biblical literalist, one cannot also claim that Yahweh is omnibenevolent, given edicts such as those cited in the video.

I would like to point out that I am not condemning Christians as a whole. But I do have a problem with Biblical literalists and "Bible Thumpers" who think it's their right to tell others how to live their lives, condemning others for such things as being homosexual or not having the same religious beliefs.

I most assuredly do not have a problem with a person who attempts to live his or her life in a Christlike manner. I don't have a problem with Christ.

I am not an atheist. I would like to point out that I don't have a problem with atheism, except in the case of the "my way or the highway" type of atheist who purports that anyone who has any sort of spiritual belief system is stupid. This sort of stinkin' thinkin' is equally as closed minded as the Bible Thumpin' Fire and Brimstone Preachin' line of "thought."

Before anyone asks, I am a Pagan. I believe that there are many valid paths that people might be drawn to experiencing in a given lifetime. I believe in reincarnation. Whether you share this belief or not is your choice. I won't belittle yours if you don't belittle mine, or tell me that mine has to be the same as yours.